Our Athletes

Chia seeds have been the food of endurance runners throughout recorded history. The Aztecs and Mayans used Chia seeds to sustain them and they were given as offerings and in Mayan, Chia means strength.

The Tarahumara or running people of the canyons of Mexico are arguably the greatest endurance runners of all time, running a hundred+ kilometres as part of their lifestyle. They were born runners and when they entered competitions, they beat the best in Nike-sponsored long distance races in their bare feet or hand-made tyre strap-on shoes. Chia seeds were native to Mexico and for the Tarahumara, Chia seeds were a staple. Chia seeds, not only a powerhouse of nutrients and essential fatty acids, also have a unique property of hydration.

Because they hold 10x their weight in water and contain electrolytes, hydration can be sustained for longer. This enabled the Tarahumara to run great distances sustained on hydrated Chia seeds. We support athletes, because like the food we put into our bodies, we also recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity.

Florence Van Dyke


2011 – Flossie was the 20-24yr New Zealand Triathlon Champion. 2012 – Flossie competed at Worlds – She placed 2nd in the Aquathon and 5th in the Triathlon for the 20-24yr age group. She has won 2 of the x-terra races.

Richard and Elena Ussher


Coast to Coast winners and Adventure racing champions. Richard and Elena compete in some of the toughest long distances races in the roughest terrain.

Christian Davey

Davey placed 3rd U19 at the World Cross Triathlon Champs 2016, 5th U19 World Duathlon Champs 2015, New Zealand Duathlon Open Men Champion, New Zealand U19 Duathlon Champion, and 2nd 20-24 New Zealand Standard Distance Champs 2017