Blackcurrant & Apple

Ingredients: Organic hydrated chia seeds (89.2%), organic apple concentrate, organic blackcurrant concentrate, natural blackcurrant flavour.

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Blueberry & Apple

Ingredients: Organic hydrated chia seeds (90.5%), organic apple concentrate, blueberry concentrate, blackcurrant concentrate, lemon concentrate, natural blueberry flavour.

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Orange, Passionfruit

& Apple

Ingredients: Organic hydrated chia seeds (88%), orange concentrate, organic apple concentrate, passionfruit concentrate, lemon concentrate, natural colour (paprika), citric acid, natural flavour.

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Coconut & Mango

Ingredients: Organic hydrated chia seeds (75.3%), organic mango puree, coconut water, organic apple concentrate, natural flavour, lemon conentrate, natural blueberry flavour.

Feijoa & Pink Guava

Ingredients: Organic hydrated chia seeds (83.7%), feijoa puree, organic apple concentrate, guava puree, natural flavour, lemon concentrate, citric acid.

Coconut Water & Blackcurrant

Ingredients: Coconut water, filtered water, New Zealand blackcurrant concentrate, organic New Zealand apple concentrate

Coconut Water & Lemon

Ingredients: Coconut water, organic New Zealand apple concentrate, New Zealand lemon juice.

Natural & Nutrient Rich Drinks

CHIA began as a healthy ‘real food’ endurance sports drink, based on the foods of the greatest long distance runners; the Tarahumara Indians. We soon realised everyone can benefit from CHIA.

We added anti-oxidant rich blueberries; New Zealand blackcurrants;  and a tropical flavour with orange and passionfruit, all combined with New Zealand apples, to create three delicious flavours.

We have two new flavours out this year in the CHIA range; Feijoa & Pink Guava, and Coconut Water & Mango.

AWAKA is a new range of sparkling coconut waters. We blend the goodness of coconut water with New Zealand fruit to create a refreshing drink perfect for hot summer days.

It goes without saying that all of our drinks are created for health, without added sugar, natural, vegan, and always GMO free.